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Proposed lists for 1st full rules demo/test drive/learning session

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So tomorrow, 06/16/21, I'm off to play CAV using the full rules set. I have prepared a 2500 pt specialist squad for each of the factions. I've tried to base the squads off the faction starter packs offered with the rulebook (Always make it easy for people to give CAVBoss money, it keeps him happy and productive) However changes were made when a Faction Pack came out over 2500 pts as we try to follow the rules (ex. Swapping a Malvernis Specter B for the Haunt).


The lists are all 2 Attack, 1 Fire Support and 1 Recon model and all CAV's. Hopefully they will show off what is possible in game. Future sessions will introduce tanks, aircraft and infantry just as soon as we get a basic grasp of gameplay and a 2 hour session takes 2 hours instead of 3.5-4.


Almirithil Demo Squad.pdf Adon Demo Squad.pdf Malvernis Demo Squad.pdf Rach Demo Squad.pdf Ritterlich Demo Squad.pdf Templar Demo Squad.pdf Terran Demo Squad.pdf

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Love that you are making these from the starter faction packs! 👍 One of the major issues with CAV is knowing what to purchase for point of entry (heck it is even hard to figure out which CAVs belong to which faction when you start out). So, just seeing these cards and SAs gathered like this, while simple, makes an impression. I really like it!

Totally Novice (just smile, nod, please ignore as needed) Ideas:

  1. Are you playing with other seasoned CAV players? You could reduce the model count, to two CAVs a side (or something of the like), to simplify things if people are not that well versed.
  2. Terrain & Objectives. You might setup 1 or even 2 objectives on the table to capture. With such a small game, these likely don't REALLY matter, but they give you something to move toward/think about, besides just trying to maneuver against enemy units. I'm also super PRO using one or two large full line of sight blocking, L3+ pieces of terrain on the table. The LOS blocking terrain speeds up the game, because it typically reduces early long range shots. Early long range shots still take all the amount of time to roll and do, but usually have very minimal in game effect, unless you have a lot of models focusing fire.
  3. Anything to add MORE flavor and narrative. If you are controlling all the setup and models, you can wrap a small story around the objectives or the reasons for the conflict, and it usually adds a bit more engagement.
  4. Explosion and laser sound effects. pew-pew-pew ... Requirement to make these during game play. 🙂
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1. No, by virtue of the fact that I've got the rulebook and have been watching Twitch feeds I've got the most experience with the game. Basically it's Noobs all the way down. However starting small generally means you only bought $100 worth of stuff instead of the normal $200.

2. Terrain we got plenty of, Objectives I usually use the old "The last case of Drake Beer on planet is over there. You want R&R go get it." which keeps it accessible for everyone I find.

3. See above. Also my 60 second Precis on the factions are highly prized. "What are the Rach?" Neutral Evil Klingons with no filters or real social skills that are probably going to be overthrown by the undercastes in their society."

4. We try. Problem is the 40 year old adolescents are fine with it and the 40 year old "Serious Wargamers" are against it.

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I have two thoughts about the lists:

1)     You are likely going to get questions about why Almirithil and Ritterlich share half of their models (Hammer = Rhino and Tiamat = Backfire). While I'm sure your players will understand, and that you might not have figures on hand to do the other units you might want to bring, it might give a first impression that the faction has no depth of its own.

        If you have the models on hand, I would advise Concussion, Grizzly, Bruin, Cobra instead. The only downside is that the Bruin brings a whole host of SAs that will need explanation.

2)     I hate the Ogre. Especially the Ogre2. It has never felt like anything other than a waste of points on the table. Moving three units and then being like, "oh, and I guess tubbs will double move again, because he still can't reach anything" when that dude is half of your forcegroup is just super disheartening.
        I don't have a fix here. Your points are just a little too tight to drop the Bishop down to the un-numbered variant and upgrade the Ogre to the Enforcer, but that's the model I'd put in the Ogre2's place. Maybe if there was a model for the Kobold? But yeah. No good suggestion on that point.

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Spelling of Explanasion. lol
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THe majority of the people in the club have a historical wargaming background. So if I say "Almirithial has a Lend-Lease going with Ritterlich while they develop their own CAV's" they'll all go oh ok cool.

Yeah it's slow, But once it gets there 3 Heavy PBG (P) ought to make up for that a bit. And the Revenant in the Malvernis List and Emperor in the Rach list aren't exactly speed demons themselves, although they do have some missiles to fire on the way in.

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10 hours ago, Krugerannd said:

Yeah it's slow, But once it gets there 3 Heavy PBG (P) ought to make up for that a bit. And the Revenant in the Malvernis List and Emperor in the Rach list aren't exactly speed demons themselves, although they do have some missiles to fire on the way in.

That's precisely the issue I have with it, though. Slow + PBG = Paperweight in too many situations. Yes, three heavy PBGs can MELT anything that happens to be within about 12-15inches of wherever it starts its activation, but... I've never gotten one there when the battle's outcome wasn't already set in stone. 

The Ogre2 has a hard maximum threat range of 30inches. That's Run'n'Gun + Extreme range shots (and due to the Run'n'Gun penalties, you need 12s to hit on those rolls). The Emperor and Revenant, while also slow bricks, are MAC/MRAC platforms. Their main guns hit medium range at 24inches, and can lob Hail Mary shots 4feet down table. They can afford to be slow moving and hard to dislodge.

((Yes, I'm absolutely salty, lol.))

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