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Talon Games 3D Print Building Files

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I was wondering if anyone has downloaded and printed the 3D print buildings from the Talon Games downloads page?  I have downloaded them and printed a few test prints.  However I was also wondering if anyone has also scaled them up a bit or even a lot, as they seem a bit on the small side as is from the file?  The buildings are nice and I really like their modularity/stackablity, very versatile.  I will be posting up some more photos as I complete the painting on some of my test prints.  Below a photo to show some tests: the building on the left has been scaled up 100% and seems better sized to block line of sight and such, the building on the right is printed straight from the file and no scaling done.  If anyone has in game experience as to what size would be better for playability or input that would be great.


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13 hours ago, Ultramarine said:

If anyone has in game experience as to what size would be better for playability or input that would be great.

You need a mixture of cover and Line of Sight blocking terrain. In CAV, you typically get cover from terrain that is elevation 1 or 2. CAVs are elevation 3.

The 2 pieces in your picture both look like LoS blocking terrain to me.

From a size perspective, those 2 pieces can both work as is. CAVs are about 3 stories tall I believe. So those terrain pieces are still good size. I think scale becomes a question when the terrain has elements that interact with people. Are the doors sized right for standard infantry? Grab one and stand it next to the door.

I could see those 2 pieces as a small research facility nestled in some dense jungle. That said, I'd upscale future prints.

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I have completed the next step in getting these models ready for the table top.  They have been sanded, and bondo, gap filler applied to smooth out some of the print lines.  Then I applied automotive filler primer to further help with smoothing.  The prepared/smoothed 3D prints you see below are ready for painting.  I did not fill in the print lines where all the windows and such are because I don’t want to accidentally fill in any details.  Further painted pictures are on they once painting is complete.


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11 hours ago, Syagrius said:

Pretty solid buildings to survive the stompy stompy micro earthquakes that are mechs 😄


They're nicely painted. I really dig the building with the big exhaust fan on top.


Yes, the building with the fan is so cool!  Plus fun to paint and imagine all kids of different ideas as to why it might be there?  From practical ideas like wind power generation to more fun ideas like the building is just a shell for some other sinister major heat creation device….?  I think I will print some more and that building is definitely going to be printed again.  Thanks CAVBOSS for a great design there!

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