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Painting Flyers

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Below are a couple test/WIP shots of a Crossbow aircraft I have been experimenting with a little bit.  I would like to get a recipe for painting the flyers fairly quickly, but nicely and detailed.  The panel lines/details look fantastic in the dual cast product, IMO.  For this I will be using my airbrush to add layers of shades over darker basecoats.  For this test model I used some lighter grays, so the panel lines would pop more as dark lines.  For future models like the Tsuiseki, I will be using other colors, but basically the same idea.  
Airbrush shading is done on the pict above.  The pict below has the panel lines touched up and darkened.


More to come hopefully as I get the last of the small details painted up.  Next will be the unit stripes and colors. 

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Progress shot, I was able to get the stripes done and the wasp painted on for unit mark.  I think the unit will be the ‘Black Wasps’.  The canopy is probably done as well, but I may try some more blending on it, not sure yet?  For the base I will be doing something other than what is in the photo below, but I haven’t decided just yet.



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