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The Green (mumble, mumble)

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The Green Knights?

The Jade Cavaliers?

The Emerald Knights Errant?

The Green Hornets? Second in command will need the callsign of Kato.

The Chartreuse Champions?

The Green Square Deal? If your company has a rep for honest dealings and an environmentally friendly modus operandi.

The Malachite Marauders?

The Green-Eyed Monsters?

The 10th street Can't-Think-Of-A-Name Gang?

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Finished my slow grow league force!

(Drum Roll....)


The 5th Light Mechanized Battalion -aka the LiMons. A Templar free company currently working a 'planetary security' contract in Almirithil space.

Their leader is Alejandro "Spryte" Limon a veteran pilot who only recently took command. The previous commander was lost in a 'training accident' during a 'simulated' Rach raid.

The LiMons made good their repairs and replacements after their recent 'training exercise' and are excited for another crack at the... simulation. 







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