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Release Schedule for Malvernis or what might be the first item down the pipeline


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So the question on everyone's mind, I'm sure, is what goodies will be released for everyone's favorite desert dwelling theologians?

I'm hoping for something along the Flight, Transport or Recon lines as we seem to have Attack and Fire Support well in hand.

All kidding aside I think CAVBoss said the focus was skewed toward Almirithil as they have the least amount available and the Twitch feed from last night mentioned new Quad CAV's were in the works.

I'd like a Raider Transport and Ultracast Ghasts if we're being specific. A Vindicator wouldn't go Unappreciated either.

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5 hours ago, CAVBOSS said:

The five resin planes from KS3 will all be coming out in Dual-Cast, along with the new Despot B, the Cobra & King Cobra are top on the list.

Awesome, I need 2 Crossbows, 2 Ghasts and 4 Tsuisekis which are already out.


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