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Slow Grow Specialist squad

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3 hours ago, Krugerannd said:

I don't know what mental block I have about mixing CAV's and Vehicles in the same squad. Everytime I see it, it triggers an automatic reflex that says "That's not legal!" and yet it's completely legal.

It is completely legal and really cool. I enjoy the idea of tiny little recon forces probing the edge of enemy territory. Maybe a merc force that can only afford/field one CAV for a particular mission. Or maybe a militia force with just one or two CAVs.


I really enjoy playing the little games. 🙂


Also, working on these guys on stream tonight.

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Its also totally legal for the sake of a faction force and while it disallows doctrines right now, that may change down the road.

It is basically models from two different squads being tasked together for a mission need. You could have a Templar faction squad with 4 vehicles and 2 CAVs and use that as the reasoning, story-wise, and still play a legal force with a accurate back-story.


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