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Multiple models with EST in a squad and target locks or can I break the game in this way.

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So say we have a Templar Specialist squad consisting of 2 Spartan Recon Cav's and 2 Centurion Super stompy Cav's. (Don't ask, Alcohol was involved) And that said Templars are out shooting up Rach, like you do.

Spartans have TAG and EST

Centurions have all the guns and an inferiority complex cause the Duelist pilots said they were fat.

Upon Activation of the squad each Spartan declares a target lock on a different target. Spartan 1 target locks Dictator Blue and Spartan 2 target locks Dictator Green.

When the EST goes off does the squad get locks on both Dictators? Do they get to choose which target lock they accept if they are only allowed one or is it last one triggered comes out on top? Does the targeting system on the Centurions overload from the double input and explode in the Wizzo's face like he's a red shirt on Star Trek?

Do I possibly need a intervention?


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You do not need an intervention, but it also doesn't break the game, for two reasons:

1) You only keep the most recent target lock. So each recon will only have one lock, and each other model will either accept one of the shared locks or manually lock something else by spending an action.

2) Shooting multiple targets gets a -1 penalty to all shots for each extra target.

So sure, red recon can share to red stompy and black recon to black stompy, but the stompys can't both lock both targets. If they each try to shoot at both Dictators, they'll pick which one is locked, pick which guns are shooting at which target, and then get a -1 on all shots because they're splitting focus. I /think/ that they also use whichever range band is worse, but I don't split shots so am not certain there.

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Here is my version of the answer and I think it lines up with Dave.

1. Both Spartans can lock their respective Dictator and can then share both with either/both Centurions. The Spartans cannot share with each other and the Centurions can pick which enemy they want to shoot.

Adding to what Dave said about multiple targets, if you shoot two different targets you receive a -1 to your combat roll for both shots. They both have to be in the same 180 degree arc and it applies to split actions as well. Say the Spartan locks the Dictator for the Centurion, but decides to shoot a closer Kahn. That attack will have a -1 to Combat Roll as it has multiple targets (see errata/faq The Rules p.11).




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