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NEW Emotes available for Twitch Stream!


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We have the opportunity to add five new FREE emotes for our followers and I wanted to see what you might like to see. We also have three slots available for those wishing to spend "bits," and are looking for suggestions for these as well! SO let us know what you think!!!


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Depends, whats available thus far?

I believe we have the poster boy for the game, the Dictator B for the Rach, already. Perhaps the lead Cav for each faction?

Adon - Chancellor/Challenger (Not the Ogre, he tends to polarize opinion apparently)

Almirithil - Kodiak or Grizzly

Templar - Centurion although I would make a case for the Crusader

Malvernis - I would like a Butcher B but again that's a polarizing choice apparently so a Pillager or Assassin?

Terran - Thunderbird or Katana looks cool. Tsuiseki just cause it's based on one of the greatest military aircraft of all time, OF ALL TIME.

RItterlich - Rhino seems to be the poster child for them. Although I like the squat, heavily armored "go ahead and gimme your best shot, I can take it." attitude of the Tiger.

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