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Infantry and Salvo Fire!

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AN interesting question came up last night on the twitch stream about using infantry models with Salvo Fire. Can you do it? Yes. Infantry models in the same squad with the same weapon system (i.e., all automatic rifles) can combine their attack into a single role, adding a +1 for each additional model contributing to the attack. Obviously if the weapon system couldn't damage a certain type of model to begin with, all the pluses in the world won't help or change that fact! 🙂

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Makes me very interested in running light infantry with Laser Bolt Rifles. The increased accuracy at longer range should actually give a respectable threat range. You're still mostly hunting for chip damage, but you can still at least participate.

And just by being able to operate, they add questions to the available pool, to borrow James's favored analogy.  Tigers and Imperators are great, but they can't take a point that infantry decide to hold.

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