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CAV-CON 2022 Virtual Painting Contest Submissions!


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With CAV-CON '22 coming up we are once again sponsoring CAV-based categories in conjunction with Reaper's Master Paint Open. With that in mind we know everyone can't make it to the show so we will also be offering a virtual show as well running until Sept 30, 2022! To enter simply submit your entries below and make sure to note the category in the subject line please. Enter as many as you want but we will only judge the one (in each category) that we feel is your best work.

Categories include:

Best Single CAV Model (Armor/Ordnance)

Best CAV Squad (Armor/Ordnance)

Best CAV Diorama (Diorama)

There is a trophy for 1st place in each category (the coveted Gold Dictator!) with medallions for 2nd and 3rd. We will also be providing a $50, $25, and $10 gift certificate in each category as well.

SO fire up those brushes!


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