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Ok, I remember on Discord there was a conversation about using disc magnets for bases and then being able to transport figures on metal sheets in plastic trays.

I have a similar plan, and am looking to get magnets. I looked up the Discord convo, and it looks like 2mm thick is the size everyone was suggesting. Without going through Amazon, all the online shops I was finding at reasonable prices were in Freedom Units(tm) instead of real metric numbers. Where did you all get your 5x2 or 7x2 magnets? 

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Do the 5x2 magnets stick out over the lip of the base so the model would be unstable when on the field? This is using the supplied bases of course.

I had a pack of 5x1 magnets from when I was building Titans and it looked like a single 5x1 fit but a pair stacked together stuck out.


Nevermind, Empirical evidence shows 5x2 is the way to go. Forget I said Anything.

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