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Semi-Guided Rockets

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Here is a question that came up on stream tonight, laid out so that Jon can review and address it.

I am running a Specialist squad with a Concussion, a Scout Helicopter, and two Bears. I have fitted the Concussion with Semi-Guided Rockets.

The interaction in question is:

1) The Scout Heli target locks a strike point and shares it to its squad with EST. It spends its other action to paint that target with the active version of TAG.

2) The Concussion accepts the target lock and fires its Semi-Guided Rockets at the strike point.

3) The Bears have declared their intent to accept the Chain Fire firing solution and shoot the same target.

IF all the bonuses interact together as the "on paper" implies, then the Concussion has a maximum +6 on its Strike Point roll (+1 Semi-Guided, +2 Target Lock, +2 FCS, +1 Can see the target). Can the Concussion use the Semi-Guided Rockets and still share the successful strike point to the Bears, even if they aren't running Semi-Guided ammunition?

((Specific models provided to flesh out the example and to push the numbers as high as I think they can go. I very much believe that seeing how extreme the numbers can go can help us see if the interaction gets out of hand. Considering the investment involved (target lock, another model spending an action for TAG, etc) I don't think this is out of line for a maximum best case scenario, but hey.))

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49 minutes ago, CAVBOSS said:

It's a weird situation that I think points out a problem with both TAG and Target-Lock coming into play at the same time. Im thinking that the +1 for semi-guided should probably apply to the combat roll rather than the strike-point. 

Honestly, that might make it better in a different way, as it could add into the MoS. But if there's a time to find problems, it's before an update lands.

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